Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest Post: Agnes Jimenez

DIY Halloween Decorations and Foods That You Will Enjoy

Hi!  Today I have a guest blogger, Agnes Jimenez.  She is a professional blogger and writer. She writes for many online establishments and supports those ones that offer alternative lifestyles to consumers.  As a frugal living advocate, she recommends for budget conscious moms who want to get big savings in shopping for food and food storage.

When it comes to Halloween, decorations and good food are key. You can create a wonderful Halloween experience with DIY decorations and food, especially if you are on a budget. It is all too easy to spend a great deal of money for this holiday, so it is a huge plus if you are skilled and/or crafty with cooking, baking, and art/design projects. The following are only a few of the many great ideas that are out there for Halloween.

Pumpkin Pillars

These will look great outside on either side of your front steps. Find pumpkins that are the right size to fit in urns of your choosing, and stack one or more on top, cutting out all the stalks except for the top pumpkins. Make sure that you scoop out all of the insides of the pumpkins. Use black markers to make designs of spooky things that you like, and go over it with black enamel paint when you have it finalized. One beautiful idea is to draw a tree going up the pumpkins, so that the lines match up for the image. Then, take a drill and cut out star shapes. Place candles inside of them for a nice effect.


Creepy Door Wreath

Take a simple craft store wreath, and spray paint it black. Have your kids go out and find twigs and such things to place on it with a glue gun (or thread or twine if possible). Then, you can further embellish it with a plain orange or Halloween themed ribbon, or just stretch some fake cobwebs across it for extra flair.

(example from with rubber snakes)

Candy Apples

Apples are a healthy food that some kids say no to. However, when you put something like caramel, chocolate, or a sugary coating on it with some candies (M&M's and Reese's Pieces are good choices), they will swarm over these wonderful Fall snacks. They are fairly easy to make at home- all you have to do is remove the core and stem, place a stick inside, and dip it in your choice of covering that you can make in just a few minutes.
(Mini caramel apples made using melon ballers.  Source: Domesticali)
 Caramel Apple bites

Other great ideas for Halloween treats include: "bloody" punch with grapes for eyeballs and other spooky things; cupcakes with candy spiders, bats, black cats, etc.; skewered eyeballs (green and black olives, chicken, cremini mushrooms, round carrot slices, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, etc.); ghost-shaped cornbread; and many other foods. Be sure to have a good mix of "healthy" and junk foods, especially if you are having a big party. That way, everyone is sure to find something that they like.


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