Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Countdown

I have been looking for fun Christmas countdowns/advent calendars for a while.  The other day I was at Ikea (of course) and came across this wire Christmas tree for 10 bucks so I snatched it up.
Then I saw 4 packs of mini stockings at Walmart for $.97 and bought six of them.  I had glitter glue from the dollar store and wrote the numbers 1-24 on the stockings.  Here's the result:

Here is our list for this year.  Some days we will double up because we have more to do than days in the countdown.

  1. Holiday Lights at Thanksgiving Point
  2. Festival of Trees
  3. Christmas Devotional
  4. Decorate Tree
  5. Make Gingerbread House
  6. Hang Christmas Lights
  7. Ice Sculptures at Thanksgiving Point
  8. Church Party with Grandma and Grandpa
  9. Christmas Dice Game
  10. Make Gingerbread Men
  11. Write Letter to Santa
  12. Dickens Christmas Festival
  13. Party with Nana and Papa
  14. Ride Front Runner to Temple Square and See Nativity
  15. Deliver Presents for Charity
  16. Breakfast with Santa
  17. Zoo Lights
  18. Work Party/Kids Visit Nana
  19. Unwrap and Read a Christmas Book
  20. See Santa at the Mall
  21. Daddy-Daughter Date 
  22. Morgan's Preschool Christmas Program
  23. See Christmas Lights
  24. Voice Male Concert
  25. Decorate Cookies and Deliver to Friends
  26. Family Christmas Party
  27. Open New Jammies
  28. Read Luke 2 and Walk to Bedrooms with Candlelight (Christmas Eve)

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  1. oh how i wish there was an ikea here.... i love your advent!! AND you came up with it yourself.. double props :)


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