Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flat Abs, No Muffins, Shrink Thighs

Guess what.  I got almost 7 hours of sleep last night!  It is an awesome day.

I got to go to the gym before my husband went to work and while I was there I was looking on Pinterest while walking on the treadmill.  It's not easy but it makes the time pass quickly.  Anyway, I came across some pins that I see all the time.  They are the ones that say "3 exercises to lose the muffin top" or "get rid of belly fat."  They totally bother me.  They are misleading and I want to clear some things up.

When you lose weight, you lose it equally throughout your body.  If you gain more in your abs or thighs, those will be the first places you lose but you cannot do crunches and only lose fat in your abs.  You can't do Supermans and lose only your muffin top.  But guess what.  You can do an awesome leg workout and lose in your abs.  Because you are losing fat.  Everywhere.  And I got an A and tutored student athletes in physiology at BYU so unless physiology has changed in 9 years, I should know. ;)

Here is how I'm going to lose my muffin top, flatten my abs, shrink my thighs, and all the other lines that are used... my weightlifting plan this week:

3-5 sets of:

Day 1: Chest and Back (Heavy Weights)
25 dead lifts
8 dumbell chest presses
8 dumbell back flies
8 dumbell chest flies
8 rows (rowing machine)
8 barbell chest presses
8 lat pull downs (machine)
push ups (until you can't do another)

Day 2: Legs (Heavy Weights)
10 sets or 45 minutes:
30 walking lunges holding weights
14 jump squats holding weight
8 leg extensions (machine, heavy weight)
8 hamstring curls (machine, heavy weight)
10 barbell squats

Day 3: Arms and Core (Heavy Weights)
10 sets or 45 minutes
8 skull crushers
8 bicep curls w/ dumbells
1 minute plank
20 triceps dips
8 bicep curls w/ barbell
50 bicycles (abs)
20 push ups
8 preacher curls (one arm at a time)
20 supermans

Day 4: Shoulders (remember to lift super heavy)
10 sets or 25 minutes: rest 30 seconds between exercises
8 dumbell shoulder presses
20 dumbell shoulder shrugs
8 dumbell lateral raises
8 dumbell front raises

I also do 20-40 minutes of low impact cardio, like walking, elliptical or Stair Master.

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