Friday, December 21, 2012


Part of this would have been a post from last Friday but compared to what was happening in CT it would have been trite and insensitive.  I weighed myself after the 5 days of cookies.  I literally only had cookies until dinner one of the days.  It was uncontrollable and there is no excuse.  But it was delicious.  As your consultant I say don't do it.  I gained 2.5 lbs.

So I cleaned it up the next week and by Wednesday (two days ago) I was back down and actually lost even more.  As of Wednesday, December 19, the number is 153.1.

Starting weight on November 27-- 159.6
Total down: 6.5 lbs
Size: 30 (or 10, I think) jeans
Goal: 135 lbs, size 28 (or 6) by March
Height (because I know you want to know): 5' 8"

Normally I would want to have lost at least 8 lbs but for the holiday season, I'll take it.  I'm also going to just enjoy the next few days.  We have been given a lot of yummy gifts, will be making more delish cookies, and have a party to attend... not to mention Christmas.

However, I will still be working out so hopefully that will partially counteract the sugar intake.

Here are some pictures of me in the process.  Just so you know, showing and telling everything about my weight is kind of hard for me.  I'm putting myself out there in a way that society easily judges but I'm doing it to motivate myself and any of you who want to do this with me.  I'm trying to keep it real.

1 week after baby

3-4 weeks after baby

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  1. You look awesome! I love that you are being realistic with the holidays, AND I love that you can take down that many cookies in one sitting. Just. Like. Me! I do pretty good most of the time, but I cannot just eat one cookie. I will seriously eat like a dozen. But, sometimes, it's good motivation to start fresh the next day! You're doing great, girl!


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