Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Love Us

I printed this "I Love Us" picture a while ago and put it in my bedroom but it looked kind of out of place since the bedroom was serene -- gray and white.  This is more fun so I decided to move it to the entrance of our house, at least for the season.  

I found the printable at eighteen25.  They didn't have this color so I just played with it in Picasa and turned it to this lovely shade of pink.  Then I had it printed at Walmart.  

There should be pink flowers in the pink vase but my little pink-loving girl stole them and I just found them yesterday in the closet under the stairs amid her toys.

So, if you like it and want to download one for yourself, just go to eighteen25.  I can't take credit for it except for the fact that you can change the color. 

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