Friday, June 14, 2013

4th of July Crayon Canvas

Hey, hey!  I just posted about perfect posture on The Loss Cause so read it here.

If you are here for and actual DIY project, you are in luck!!!!!!!  That's right, I finally did something to possibly link up... but probably not because I'm not sure if I love it enough.

I like the idea of this project but now, having "finished" it, I don't feel like it's completely finished.

I took crayons and stuffed them in my hot glue gun.  Then I pushed them in with a glue stick and made little melted crayon dots on the canvas.  I think I should make the entire stripe dense like the part around the star, then it might feel complete.  What do you think?


Oh, and this does make your hot glue colored for a while so be prepared for that.

And I think that possibly it might work just as well if you have a candle and just melt the crayon over it little by little and put the drops of crayon on the canvas.  That would save a glue gun.  I haven't tried it though, but theoretically...

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