Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Want!

We live in a world where online shopping is so prevalent and accepted. It's just plain easy to do. And I appreciate that (Cyber Tuesday vs. Black Friday mornings anyone?).

As ridiculous as it is, craigslist is one of my favorite websites. I love thrift shopping from my bed almost as much as I love carrying around my bottle of hand sanitizer through The Youth Ranch. The cool thing is that I've found some great things while doing it.

This is a post that I came across a little over a week ago and I'm in love. I. Want. This. Set. Who wouldn't feel like royalty sitting in these chairs? The problem is that they are borderline above the price I'm willing to pay (to be honest, I think it is a lot easier to get forgiveness from Hubs when I come home with a $10 table instead of a $300 set, even though he still rolls his eyes). I would reupholster them in a beige material with French words (the one that happens to be $50 a yard -- GAH!) and probably paint the chairs off white even though I am fond of the color in the pictures. The table top color would change too.
Are you feeling the French love yet?

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