Saturday, July 16, 2011


Since my family blog has been taken over by my DIY projects, I decided to dedicate a blog entirely to DIY projects and maybe some home staging. Pretty much everything I do is inexpensive, by the way, so feel free to share your penny saving projects too!

I chose The Turquoise Piano because, 1) The Painted Piano was taken, and 2) I painted my own piano turquoise. I have decided to change it up a bit with some antiquing glaze but for now, here's a picture of my piano.

Never forget the BEFORE picture...


  1. Hi Kelli- newest follower (today) and read at Bunny Jean's Bunny Hop Linky party about where you got your blog name and FINALLY am able to SEE your pretty piano-- yup, you did it justice!

    BTW, read elsewhere on your blog about moving out and the big payday for doing so! Congrats!

    A Fan in Illinois,

  2. Hello there Kelli, I just wanted to say many thanks for the blog-follow. I appreciate that. I love your turquoise piano. Speak soon, Lella xx


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