Thursday, July 5, 2012

China 2

Day 3.  Shopping.

First we had lunch with another business acquaintance (who gave me a pearl necklace -- sure do love business in China), then we shopped till we dropped.  

There is nothing like shopping in China (unless it's shopping in Mexico, where things are also made in China).  We went to a 5 story mall with purse shops, scarf shops, shoe shops, watch shops, iPad case shops.  You name it, there was a shop for it.  In all I think we spent 6 hours shopping that day.

I got a mani.

And we rode home partly on a rickshaw with a bike with a motor until the motor died and the guy wouldn't peddle (I don't blame him).  We caught another rickshaw attached to a motorcycle.  This is the first time I thought I was going to die.  Driving in China is crazy.  Being in a rickshaw motorcycle driving crazily with other crazy drivers was total insanity.  It was fun but I told Tom I wouldn't do it again.  I mean, I have a kid.

Day 4.  The Great Wall.

This was my favorite day.  We had breakfast at the hotel around 7:30 and hired a car to take us to the wall at 9.  It took about an hour and a half to get there but it was a part of the wall that was less crowded than a part that was closer.  Anyway, we rode a lift up the mountain to the wall.

Then we hiked for about 40 minutes.  It sure was great (bahaha! -- I'll be here all night)!

And went down the mountain on a slide.  So. Much. Fun.

There were a bunch of shops (surprise!) at the bottom.  This is my favorite thing that I saw.  Get it?  I would have purchased the shirt but there is no way I would dare wear it.

We rested at our hotel for a couple of hours after the wall and took another cab to a restaurant that the hotel recommended.  I took this picture because that is the menu.  Huge!

The food ended up being like $200 and there was no way we were paying that in China (or anywhere else for that matter) so we left.  I was so ornery.  Poor Tom.  But in my defense, I hadn't eaten anything but an apple since 7:30am and it was after 4pm and I'm pregnant!  Hello!  So instead of finding a place to eat we decided to go to another mall and shop.  And I was happy. 

Last day.  Shopping again.

We went to another shopping place this day.  Still huge and still had everything the others had.  In all we ended up with two Louie V purses (one for a diaper bag), wallets, D&G purse, Pashmina scarves, silk scarves, two D&G coats, 12 Polo shirts, jewelry, art, sunglasses, 3 iPad cases, 4 pairs of Toms, dresses for Morgan, knick-nacks, candy, carry-on suitcase, ties, MontBlanc pens (to replace the one I threw away), and I'm sure there is more.  

We went to dinner at a popular Peking Duck restaurant.  Tom said it was something I absolutely had to try while I was there.  And it was good.  

This guy cut up our duck for us.

This is the certificate (of authenticity?)  for our duck.

And our little duck pastry dessert with fig inside.

We ended the day shopping at one of the other malls and took the subway (all day, actually).  Here is a picture of a Beijing subway at rush hour.

And here's a bathroom.  They were all like this at the shopping place and I tried not to have to go ever.  I ended up using it one time.  It's all about hovering low and not stepping in it, which is difficult but manageable. 

I had a really great time alone with my best friend and 20 million other people.  I'm proud of Tom for keeping up his Chinese and being able to take control and negotiate well.  This may be the only time I make it to China and I'm grateful I got to go.  What a cultural experience!  The Chinese love their country.


  1. Holy Cow! China! That is so cool that you got the chance to go. What an amazing place to explore. I loved reading all about it.

  2. I'll bet you got stared at quite a bit since you're blonde! A friend of mine went and people came right up in her face and scared her sometimes!

  3. oh wow! It's a squatter! LOL DH served a mission in Japan and has all these crazy stories about the toilets there. "American toilets" had instructions with them ;)


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