Friday, November 4, 2011

Feature Friday: Guest Room

Happy happy Friday!  Actually it's Thursday night as I'm writing this and I'm so overloaded with carbs and fat.  We went out to eat and let's just say that I did not show a lot of will power.  But it was delish and I will be getting up to run it off at 6am.

There might be a little something I'm going to add (so check back Monday), but for now, this is our guest room.  Remember, we are renting so it's not worth it for me to add wainscoting or paint, which is what I would do if it were mine.  

I chose to make it black and white so I could add seasonal highlighting colors.  The red with black and white reminds me of our wedding (our colors).  

So I felt it appropriate to add one of my bridal pictures (kidding -- it was in the best frame).  I just know our guests will love looking at me while they try to go to sleep.  

If you didn't notice, the book is Gray's Anatomy...  Yeah, I once wanted to be a doctor, then a PT, then a PA.  It has nothing to do with Patrick Dempsey, unfortunately. ;)  And what do you think about the sticks in the vase?  There is a little home staging trick that is to bring the outside in and the inside out.  It makes the house flow nicely with the outside.  I found the sticks on the way home from my shopping trip today and thought they would be lovely in this black vase.  I was going to spray paint them white but I'm all out of white paint.

The wall art is just a piece of material left over from a chair that I reupholstered.  I framed it and put the glass behind the material so it looks like a canvas print.  I got the mirrors on clearance at Lowe's for $5.  So glad I bought them!


It's a super tiny room so the entire bedroom set doesn't fit in there.  The dresser is in my craft room.  

Anyway, a breakdown of the room:

chandelier -- $5 for mount
lamp -- $10 at garage sale
window treatments -- $32 on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond
mirrors -- $5
art -- $10 for frame and $4 for material
bedding/pictures/vase/sticks/books -- already had = free!
bedroom set -- $1200 on sale at RC Willey (this was before I realized I could make my own)

grand total (minus bedroom set):  $66!

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  1. your bedroom set is amazing! I love the contrast of the lighter walls and DARK wood!

  2. It truly looks great! Love the simplicity of it:)

  3. It's so beautiful! great job and I agree with Comeca..the red just pops.

  4. Your guest room is GORGEOUS!! Lucky guests that get to enjoy it! What's the paint color? Looks perfect!!

  5. Wow! $66 for the makeover? It is really gorgeous! It looks very warm and inviting. LOVE this room. Great job

  6. Your guest room makeover is terrific and at a great price too! Any of your guest should be delighted with the room!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  7. your guest room is really nice, and GREAT budget! wow!

  8. Beautiful guest room, love the red throw on the bed!

  9. Great job on the make over - and great price. I am in "gathering" mode, for the last month, and should have my guest room made over very soon.

  10. Such a beautiful and cozy room! Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best =)

  11. This room looks wonderful! Great job!

  12. Loving the chandelier. I've been wanting one for my teeny guest room.

  13. It's gorgeous. Your guests are lucky.

  14. Great job! That pop of red is fantastic. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  15. Looks great--especially for a rental and what a lovely bride too. I did a guest room tour too, if you'd like a visit, pop over!

  16. Gorgeous! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  17. I love decorating with natural elements, so the sticks look marvelous! I also love the chandelier, where did you find it? Great room, it turned out lovely!


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