Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest Post: Jamie @ [kreyv]

Hey everyone!  Today's guest post is someone I have known most of my life and let me tell you, this girl has an impeccable sense of style (like the it's-totally-normal-to-shop-at-The Home Depot-in-stilettos kind).  That said, I give you the brains behind the interior design blog, [kreyv].

Hi there!  I'm Jamie from[kreyv]. I'm a stay at home mommy to Stella and wife to Jeremy. I am completely obsessed with interior design, staying organized, and carbs.  Lots of carbs. I started [kreyv]as place to catalog my inspirations, projects, and obsessions. I hope you find inspiration there, too!

I am so excited that Kelli asked me to guest post today.  We actually went to school together back in the day, and now we live miles and miles apart. Kelli's got some sweet skills...wish she were closer to help me with some of my projects. (More accurately, we'd probably create lots of project to do!)  Kelli has asked me to share three of my favorite projects, which are all [so cheap, so easy]. Cheap because I change my mind a lot, and easy, well, because I don't have a huge attention span when it comes to crafting.  Just sayin'.

First up is my Door Art. Making a huge piece of art on a $30 door makes a huge statement. I love it, and the hardest thing about this project was fitting the door in my car!

Gage's Chalkboards were such a fun project with just a few materials. They were easy, Gage loves them, and most importantly, they look great in his new room!

My Monogrammed Message Board makes a great statement and can help with organization. All that was used is a poster frame, a monogram, and some scrapbook paper. Seriously, you don't even need a tutorial for any of my projects. I wasn't kidding when I said easy!

Are you sick of me yet? Don't answer that!  Lastly, Kelli has asked me to share some organization tips.  You can get my full list of tips and my week of organization here

(1) Use a family filing system. We have one file box  for important documents (you know the ones that you don't know what to do with, but you don't want to throw away (i.e. insurance docs, receipts, etc.)? We also have an alphabetized section for receipts we hang on to. I try to go through the file about once a year and shred things we no longer need. (Getting rid of things is definitely on my master organization list!)

image from My Home Ideas
(2) Have a designated place for mail that needs to be temporarily KEPT. (If it needs to be kept for longer, file it.) Throw the rest soon as you get it! Go through your KEPT mail regularly to dejunk it.  On this note, consider going paperless with your bills!

image from Pottery Barn
 (3) If you keep lots of receipts, keep them organized!  This is a great idea using a shoe organizer on the back of a door to house your receipts.

image from A Thoughtful Place
(4) Kids' art is priceless! Display it in your home as part of your decor. Here are a few more ideas for Displaying Kids' Art.
image from Ohdeedoh
(5) Labels, labels, labels! The hubs keeps telling me he's going to buy me a label maker. I told him go ahead, but it better not be for Mother's Day, Christmas, or my birthday. Label kids' toys (use pictures for younger children), laundry bins, art supplies, and really, anything else you can think of!
image from Pottery Barn Kids
Thank you SO much, Kelli for letting me guest post today!  Hope I see you all again soon!

(Kelli again)  Thank you, Jamie.  I have a hard time giving organization tips since that is not my forte and when I saw her week of organization tips I knew I had to have her visit.  She has so many other inspirational things going on so go check out [kreyv]and give her some love and comments.  


  1. Great ideas! The message board is adorable.

    P.S. Today is my first blogiversary (yay!) and I'm hosting my first-ever giveaway (and it is handmade!):

  2. I love That door! I need to do that! And great organizational tips. I need help with that :)


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