Friday, November 11, 2011

Feature Friday: Jacksonville, Florida

First of all, LOVE today's date!  11-11-11

While in Jacksonville, Florida, we had some time while Tom was working so M and I went to the beach to play in the water.  I decided to start on our family pictures.  

Then I played in Picnik and made a little holiday card:

Then made one so most of our guests were included:

And that's how I spend my spare time.  I'm thinking it's worth it to upgrade to the $2.08 per month Picnik.

Speaking of Jacksonville, I've recently spent a lot of time there (two trips this year) visiting some great friends who happen to have an extra condo on the river (a-maze-ing) and like us enough to invite us to stay there.  We spent a month there at the beginning of the year and I found some houses that are to die for and I'm going to share them with you today.

When I think of Florida real estate I have to admit that the stereotype is a yellow house with a glossy blue tile roof. Throw in some awnings over the windows and doors, maybe a couple of fake geckos on the walls and some plastic flamingos on the lawn and there you go. Well, there are definitely those kinds of houses.
But there are also some beautiful, charming homes that I would expect to find more in New England -- yet another reason to NOT stereotype, I suppose.  One day I was out jogging with Morgan and I found this street along the river that was full of dream houses (the street, not the river).  

I love the brick on this house. It looks worn and old but not dilapidated. There are a few different colors of brick that compliment each other and the whole thing just goes.

I love the detail around the door and windows on this house.

This one has 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and is 6600 sq ft. How much would you expect to pay? Remember, the back yard borders the river. One million? Two million? If you think higher, you're right. This baby is on the market for 2.95 mil, and it is one of the smaller houses on the street.
What I like about this house doesn't really show well in the picture. It is castle like, obviously gated, and the entire thing is just fabulous.

I have always loved columns and one day I hope to have them on my dream house, which could be modeled after this one. I love the simplicity and the colonial charm of this. The style screams classic.
This one is a Cape Cod style with a detached garage. I don't like detached garages, but I do like this house.
Not a great pic, but still a charming house.
Then there are back yards. I don't love the back of this house except for the porch, but I do love the pool and the border on the inlet of the river.
This is magnificent. This is a small lake off of the river with houses surrounding it. Some of them had private docks with patios. I love it!One thing most of the houses had in common was a green sign that said "San Marco Presbyterian Society" and had what looked like a steeple and cross. After seeing house after house with this sign I was thinking, "wow, you must have to be Presbyterian to own one of these house or maybe once you buy one you just join the society." Finally I was showing them to Tom and actually read the sign to him. "Preservation!" Haha.
Have an amazing weekend!


  1. Hahahaha! That totally sounds like something I would have done! We used to live down thar...totally miss those white sandy beaches and the free condos from generous friends. You luckie-duckie!

  2. looks lovely! i love the sandy christmas:)


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