Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guest Post Swap: A Mother Seeking

Today is special because I am guest posting at A Mother Seeking...  and I have Miss Meredith, CEO of A Mother Seeking... , visiting here to give you an incredibly cute and easy tutorial!  That said... Here's Meredith.

I am beyond excited to be guest posting here because this is one of my favorite blogs! What an honor!  I am normally found on my blog,  A Mother Seeking... which is all about my journey and the pursuit of joy & peace along the way.

I blog about Motherhood, Personhood, Happiness, Grief (yup, really uplifting stuff... but strangely, it is...  I lost my father, my best buddy, in April to Cancer and I blog frequently about this particular journey and my fight to feel alive again), Issues in Education (I am a Learning Specialist by profession) and of course my Crafty and DIY Endeavors (because let's face it, these are a pretty direct road to joy!).  Today I am going to show you one of my recent crafty projects.

So, if you ever want to come by for an eclectic experience, I will welcome you over at A Mother Seeking...
A Mother Seeking 

I was in love with this idea I found on Sew Much Ado.

It just looked so gorgeous.  I created my own version for my daughters' bathroom, which definitely needed a pick me up.  When we moved into this home, we decided not to redo their bathroom or my son's bathroom even though it wasn't our style.  Instead, we only renovated the master bathroom and said, "later in life, when the kids are older... and cleaner."

But that doesn't mean I can't improve upon it!

Here's what I did:
Removed the glass from my shadowboxes.
Photo 1
Painted the frame and the background (cardboard).
Photo 4
Cut my fake flowers and glued them on to the cardboard, one by one.

Photo 5    
Photo 1
& then took one last look at my before boring tiles:
Hung my creations & thought, this was pretty Easy-Peasy.  And I think they look pretty good.  Just can't decide if I should hang them this way:
Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo 4

Or this way:  Horizontal
Photo 3 Photo 4

What do you think?

(Kelli again)
Wow!  Those are so cute!  I'm all over it for Morgan's bathroom now.  Thanks so much for the tutorial, Meredith.

What do you guys think?  I made a poll so you could help her decide which way she should hang them.  Don't forget to vote!  And visit me over at her blog today, give her some love and comments and new follows if you feel so inclined.  Love y'all!

Which way should they hang?

*This is my first poll on a post so if it's not working, just leave your opinion in a comment.


  1. Very pretty Meredith! I love how people can personalize this to work with any color scheme or theme. This would make a pretty Christmas decoration too with some swapping of more holiday type flowers. Vicky from Mess For Less

  2. I am completely in love with this shadow box!! Oh my! I am making one for my bathroom now. I would do one for the wall . . . but I feel I need to start smaller first! I'M SO EXCITED!!

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