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Guest Post: The House Designer

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I'm excited to have a guest poster today.  She has really put up with a lot from me since I have not been posting much until now.  I appreciate her patience.  Let's hear a big round of applause for Christine of The House Designers.

How to Brighten Up Any Room without Breaking the Bank

Suffering from a drab, dark room? Does your mood noticeably decrease when you enter a room? If so, it may be time to consider sprucing up the home. After enough time, the layout of furniture and color scheme of a space can become stale, leaving you itching for a change. However, breathing new life into an interior space does not require an entire room makeover. Oftentimes, a single, light touch is enough to brighten up an entire room. If you’re looking to liven up your room without straining your wallet, the following tips can show you how:

Add Mirrors

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Placing reflective surfaces are a great way to make a room appear brighter and larger at the same time. Mirrors are not the only item that can achieve this trick – shiny goods such as glass dishes or mirrored trays are also great items to place around the room. If you don’t have any lying around that can be repurposed, then hit up your local garage sale or swap meet. You may be able to score some beautiful finds for a small price. 

Color with Paint


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One popular option for brightening up a room is to apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls. However, if you are lacking in the time or the money, then try working on a smaller scale. Adding paint on a piece of furniture can be an easy way to add color into the room. In addition, it can add color options to the room, allowing for different themes and opportunities for decoration.


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Looking for another way to add color into a room? Adding a new set of curtains on your windows can also give your room a unique elegance and feel. Light colored rugs and mats are another way to brighten up a room. Depending on the room, a new bedspread, tablecloth or pillow can add color into the space.

Include Greenery

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Want to bring nature into your home? Adding flowers and house plants in a room are a great way to add some color into the home. Plants are very affordable and found in a variety of places, ranging from nurseries to your nearest supermarket. In addition, they provide a wealth of advantages, such as fresh oxygen, decreased stress and other health benefits.  If you want an attractive plant that doesn’t require much care, consider purchasing cacti, orchids, or ivy plants.

New Accessories

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If your rooms are in desperate need of a new look, try adding new accessories. There are an endless amount of items that can give the room a fresh look and feel, ranging from pillows, art and other knick-knacks. Baskets can make a room look nice, as well as add an option for organization. Another popular option is candles – not only do they give your room a nice ambiance; they literally brighten up the space. These items can be found garage sales to retail stores, all at relatively low prices.

Christine Cooney is a writer for  The House Designers , and loves learning about architecture and luxury house plans. She one day hopes to design open floor plans for her dream home. 

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