Thursday, June 14, 2012

Twine Wrapped Bottle

I took my June issue of Better Homes and Gardens to the gym the other day (in case some meat head was watching Sports Center or something lame like that on the only TV there... totally the case).  While I was going through it I found the cutest vases.  They were just bottles wrapped with twine.  Then I noticed they were on the cover, which I can't find online so you'll just have to see at the grocery store.  

I decided to make one with the "twine" that I have at home.  It isn't exactly the twine I wanted, but it worked.  

I did it with dabs of hot glue in random places.  If I had all the stuff and did it over I would use a spray adhesive because the twine scooches up randomly and I had to start over.

Here's the end result.  I like it... not quite as much as BHG, but I like it.


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