Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Staged - Running Brook Ct

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to stage this huge house that someone was selling because they bought an even bigger house.  The initial consultation was interesting.  These people had a TV in almost every room.  I kid you not.  There was a TV in the formal dining room.  And two in the guest bedroom.  They were all flat screens mounted to the walls.  I'm sure the owner knows this, but I'm going to reiterate it to everyone who reads this.  Televisions, in my opinion, are not art.  If you are selling, it's okay to take them down.  Leaving one in a theater room or family room is fine, but holy cow, don't leave a TV in every room.  They're not as pretty as a nice mirror or painting.  But dudes appreciate them, I suppose.  

Anyway, sadly I don't have any before pictures of this house.  Just imagine 7 kids running around and what they do to stuff.  They had me stage after they moved out.  Thankfully the owners left the furniture that I told them to leave.  I only had to bring in the living room chairs and coffee table, but since Tom was in China and I was the only one lifting things, that's probably all I could handle.  

Can you see the birdcage on the table?  I have been looking for one for like ever and finally found one I liked at Ross.  Love me some Ross (home decor section).

This is all my living room stuff.  I'll do a close up of a cool 4th of July decoration I made.

This is all their stuff.  There were two more couches and a pool table in here.  It was crammed but looks so awesome now!

They left their bedroom set and lamps.  I put books and a picture on the night stand and made the bed.

I used the El and Ella towels that I bought for another house for the master bath.

Their bedroom set.  My comforter (bought for this house -- I don't love the quality) and nick knacks on the dresser.

They left the furniture.  I only put a game of checkers on the table with some flowers.

The Inspire art is on the table with a little lamp and coloring book.

Since it is almost summer, I decided to do a little lemonade scene in the kitchen with sugar, fake lemons, a pitcher, wooden spoon, glasses, and straws.

Did I mention that this house went pending in about two weeks?  Staging is amazing!!!

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