Thursday, February 7, 2013


Last night I went shopping with Heidi from Honeybear Lane.  Without kids!  The first stop... Z Gallerie.  Ohmygosh.  I could have stayed there all night.  Look at these colors.  So me.  I now have so many things I want to knock off!


I have decided that this will be my next sofa (below).  What?  It doesn't look comfortable?  Well, I have never purchased a sofa based on comfort in my life so why start now.  
We also got our eyebrows threaded so we can be all cute for the blogger conference coming up.  Have you ever done that (threading)?  It's kind of amazing.
Not my eye.
Have a fantastic Thursday and don't forget to get in at least a 30 minute workout!


  1. I love the couch. I've never had space to purchase a couch that was more for show than for comfort. We only have one space. As for eyebrow threading.. I have never seen or heard of that. I'll have to investigate.

    1. It's seriously pretty cool. And it didn't hurt like tweezing.


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