Monday, February 11, 2013


Alright, I hit the 140's (which sounds awesome but it's actually 149) and then nothing so I gave up for a week.  Literally started eating sugar like I never would again.  Bad.  So I have to recommit myself to finish this.  I still want to do it by March 16th.  That is when Sophie will be 4 months and that would also be half of the time it took to lose the weight I gained with Morgan.  I realize that may be overly optimistic, especially since I don't understand my body while nursing.

I wasn't able to find my nutrition and exercise plan that I did in 2007 when I had a consultant of my own so I was doing it by myself, which totally worked, don't get me wrong.  However, I think that I would benefit from the structure of the plan I used then.  So I called Total Health and Fitness and actually asked if they would help me login since I couldn't remember my login information.  They totally did.  I forgot how effective asking can be.  So anyway, here is my first week's plan.

Nutrition:  I will be adding one more 200 cal meal since I am nursing.  If you use this, you're probably okay to do it exactly, unless you are nursing too.

 MEAL 1 (07:00 AM) 
 0.5 cup Cereal-Oatmeal-Measured Dry
1 Egg-White-Fresh
1 Banana
1 Egg-Whole-Fresh
0.25 cup Milk-Nonfat/Skim

MEAL 2 (09:00 AM)
0.5 cup Cheese-Cottage-Lowfat 1%
5 Crackers-Whole Wheat Reduced Fat (Triscuits)
2 Clementines

MEAL 3 (11:00 AM)
Meal Replacement Shake or Bar  215 calories

MEAL 4 (01:00 PM)
0.5 Pita Pocket-Whole Wheat
2.5 ozTuna-Light Cnd in Water
0.5 cup Lettuce-Green Leaf-Raw
1 tbs Mayonnaise-Fat Free
5 Olives-Large Ripe-Canned
1 Clementine

MEAL 5 (03:30 PM) 
0.5 Pita Pocket-Whole Wheat
2.5 ozTuna-Light Cnd in Water
0.5 cup Lettuce-Green Leaf-Raw
1 tbs Mayonnaise-Fat Free
5 Olives-Large Ripe-Canned
1 Clementine

 MEAL 6 (06:00 PM)
4 oz Yam-Raw
3 oz-wt Chicken Breast Skinless-Roasted
1 cup Beans-Green,Snap-Cooked

MEAL 7 (09:00 PM) 
0.5 cup Cheese-Cottage-Lowfat 1%
0.5 cup Cucumber-Slices
0.5 Tomato-Medium Whole

Program Totals:
1664 calories
34% Protein
51% Carbs
15% Fat


Cardio: 20 + 25min 6 & 5 days/week (so 45 min 5 days and 20 min 1 day)
DayBody PartExerciseSetsRepsWeightRestSpeedNotesExercise Info
1ChestBench Press310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
1ChestIncline Dumbbell Chest Press310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
1ChestStanding Cable Chest Fly310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
1ChestDumbbell Chest Press310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
1ChestIncline Barbell Bench Press310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
1ChestDumbbell Chest Flyes310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
2BackSeated Cable Row With Wide Bar310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
2BackHammer Strength Iso Row Machine310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
2BackPull Ups310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
2BackCable Lat Pull Down310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
2BackSeated Cable Row310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
2Back1 Arm Dumbbell Row310 each side 60 sec2/4/2 Details
3LegsProne Leg Curl310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
3LegsSeated Calf Raise Machine310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
3LegsStanding calf raise310 60 sec2/4/2 
3LegsLeg Press Plate Loaded310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
3LegsLeg Extension310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
3LegsBent Knee Deadlift310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
4ShouldersRear Shoulder Fly Machine310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
4ShouldersRear Shoulder Cable Cross Fly310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
4ShouldersDumbbell Shoulder Shrugs310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
4ShouldersDumbbell Shoulder Press310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
4ShouldersDumbbell Shoulder Lateral Raise310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
4ShouldersOne Arm Cable Lateral Raise310 each side 60 sec2/4/2 Details
5TricepsDumbbell Skull Crusher310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
5TricepsCable Triceps Press Down310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
5TricepsCable Triceps Press Down Ropes310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
5BicepsStanding Barbell Arm Curl310 60 sec2/4/2 Details
5BicepsPreacher Curls310 60 sec2/4/2Use EZ BarDetails
5BicepsStanding Hammer Dumbbell Curl310 60 sec2/4/2 Details


  1. It looks like you're committed to me :)planning is half the battle! You can do it.

  2. I really should write out my food, just makes it easier to stick to! Looking forward to your post this week, I haven't read it yet ­čśŐ

  3. Replies
    1. I usually don't do a lot of abs. I make sure that my core is tight when I do the other lifting. You can't see ab muscles until you're like 19% body fat so although it is important to have a strong core, I don't really focus on them.


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