Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I want to talk a little bit about weight loss plateaus.  They stink.  They're disheartening and frustrating.  I'm on one right now.  But I was looking at my old results in 2007 (chart below) and noticed that I hit a plateau weeks 8/21-9/5 when I lost less than one pound in three weeks.  But then look.  I lost 3 pounds the next week.  And the whole time I was losing body fat.  So don't feel disheartened if you stop losing for a few weeks.  If you are eating well and exercising you are helping your body!  I always thought that my body just needed time to catch up.  And when I would lose 3 pounds in a week I knew I shouldn't expect to lose much the next week.  I don't know why, but it just happens.

DateWeightBody Fat %Body FatLean Body Mass 
8/7/2007150.0 lbs32.1 %48 lbs102 lbs
8/14/2007146.0 lbs30.7 %45 lbs101 lbs
8/21/2007144.4 lbs30.1 %43 lbs101 lbs
8/28/2007144.0 lbs29.5 %42 lbs102 lbs
9/5/2007143.8 lbs27.5 %40 lbs104 lbs
9/11/2007140.8 lbs25.8 %36 lbs104 lbs
9/21/2007139.6 lbs24.7 %34 lbs105 lbs
9/28/20070.0 lbs0.0 %0 lbs0 lbs
10/5/2007136.8 lbs21.4 %29 lbs108 lbs
10/19/2007135.6 lbs21.6 %29 lbs106 lbs
10/26/2007134.2 lbs20.6 %28 lbs107 lbs
11/12/2007132.6 lbs19.7 %26 lbs106 lbs
11/28/20070.0 lbs0.0 %0 lbs0 lbs

And just FYI, here is a body fat scale.  You can get yours checked at a gym (usually for free), a college, high school (maybe), etc.

Physical ConditionMaleFemale
Very Lean<11 td=""><19 td="">
Typically Unhealthy>22>35
Typical Body Fat Scale


  1. Thanks for posting this! It's a great reminder. I lost 1 a week for 3 weeks and then was so excited to lose 3 pounds last week! but this is good as I was feeling sad that I couldn't keep that up this week but I will try to remember 1 pound this week is great! Thanks!

  2. Hi Kelli! I just discovered you today thanks to skinny Meg! I am trying to lose the baby weight and (mostly running 4-5days/week) and am getting so frustrated with the scale!!!! I is moving sooooo slowly, like -.2 and -.4 the last 2 weeks!
    I am counting WW points, and eat pretty clean. I am noticing that I have lost inches in my arms and legs, but the damn scale and ababy belly are killing me!!!!!!!!
    Any words of wisdom!?

    1. Leslie,

      There could be a few things. Are you nursing? Are you lifting weights? When a lot of women nurse they just don't lose weight until they are done. If you want to email me I can go more in depth with you. Otherwise, just keep going. It's frustrating but eventually worth it! Be sure to do resistance as well as running.

  3. Thank you very much for keep this information. Juliana


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