Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ready for BYB2013

Have you ever had someone come into your life that you had no idea you were missing until after they were there?  I had that happen to me.  When we moved back to Utah I met a girl who lives down the street from me.  It turns out that she has a cute business and blog (that is a lot bigger than mine).  Well, she has totally motivated me to make this a business.  I mean, it's not like I'll change much except for some ads and marketing (and maybe the design), but content will be the same.  

She told me how much a specific "tips" blog makes per month just from Google ads and I was like "whoa, I could use some of that" so when she invited me to go to a blog conference with her next Saturday I signed up STAT.  It's by Six Sisters' Stuff and they're teaching how to build your blog.  

Anyway, a whole bunch of bloggers and sponsors will be there and we're supposed to bring our business cards.  I was all like "huh? I don't have business cards.  This is a blog."  And then I was all "oh duh, that makes sense."   And I whipped some up and ordered them from Vistaprint and paid way to much for expedited shipping that was completely necessary for them to arrive before the conference.  But I also ordered a $3 t-shirt that I'm going to wear (with maybe a cute cardi and scarf... and Spanx, of course) and a pen.  I'll be a walking advertisement.  I hope I spelled everything right.

PS  Soon this blog will be theturquoisepiano.com (instead of .blogspot.com).  I hope by Thursday.


  1. That is awesome! I really need to get on mine, I am going to start taking sponsors but don't really know much about the advertising. Love the cards!! I'm going to a blog conference in March, Blissdom :)


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