Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Facebook Exchange (and a cool story)

Hey!  Today I'm guesting over at All Tulled Up so head over there after you read this post for some fitness info.  And now for the story:

About 9 months ago we got robbed... at gunpoint.


They took our TV and collection of DVDs and a briefcase full of essentials.

We barely escaped with our lives.

Well okay, there was no gun.  And the TV was really our dual screen car DVD player.  The collection of DVDs was The Lion King that was in the DVD player.  The briefcase was a car kit with jumper cables.  We actually weren't "there" per say, but it was our car.  Somebody broke into our car and robbed us blind.  I was sooohoho mad.

I called the cops and gave them our information.  It turns out that the whole neighborhood was robbed that night.  They didn't know who it was and I didn't hear back from them.

Then something great happened.  Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from the county prosecutor.  They found the dude that did it and are prosecuting!

If I was a better person I would have forgiven and forgotten long ago but I'm just not there and I probably won't ever be because I don't even want to want to forgive.  I want this guy to pay!  Muahahaha.  Heck yes I'm going to add my name and our things to the list!  Sign me up!

Something else I'm signing up for is our Facebook Exchange and I want you to join us if you have a Facebook page for your business/blog/website.  It's TONIGHT!!!

My friend Jamie of [kreyv] (my go to blog for interior design) and I have done some brainstorming (she did most of the braining) and we are starting a Facebook post at 8 PM CST (so that's 7 PM for you MST people).  What you do is:

1. Like the hosts Facebook pages (that's me and her)
2. Share post (it will be an image)
3. Tag yourself (so I would put @ The Turquoise Piano) to the list
4. Visit and like other people's Facebook pages.

I have made some great friends through my blog and the social media involved.  This is a way to find new "daily reads" and mingle with cool people like you!  And we will "like" your page for sure!


  1. LOL! You had me going for a while, especially with that first picture of that gun! FB Exchange sounds great. You did a better job of explaining it than I did!

  2. Great idea!! I hope he pays too, jerk!

  3. Bummed I missed the facebook exchange but super happy for you that you're getting closure for your break-in. My car was broke into about ten years ago (it was actually stolen but found a few miles away) and I still wonder about who did it and how sucky it is that s/he got away scottfree.

  4. I tried to respond last night, but my phone was acting goofy!

    My car was broken into when I was in college. The only thing the idiots took was my really bad radio. I ended up getting it back a couple months later, but it never worked the same again. I used to have to hold it in with one hand if I wanted to listen to the radio. So I would drive with one hand and hold my radio with the other.


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