Friday, April 19, 2013

Home Tour

Who wants a home tour?  This is one we looked at a few days ago.  It is only 3 houses down from one we were hoping to get earlier and down the street from my cousins, who found this for us.  

It isn't listed.  The owners just decided to move and heard that we were looking so they told my cousin.  We saw it the next day.  

The current owner is -- I kid you not -- the cleanest person I have seen.  The house smelled good and there wasn't a thing out of place.  If you are selling, take that for what it's worth.  I am good at removing myself from how a house currently is and this almost sold me!  Actually, I really like the house.  The kitchen is a little small and would need to be painted white, but the wall colors can stay!  They are light grey.  

The back yard was perfectly manicured.  There is no way I could keep up without hiring someone.  

We are in the process of working the numbers to make it a good deal for them and us.  Fingers crossed!  I would love my own house.  Plus there is no HOA fee, no pool, and not on a golf course (all benefits for me)!


The back yard.

The view.

Kitchen:  The only problem area of the house, which happens to be a major issue to Tom.


Living area.

Living area.

Super wide stairs.


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