Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It Sold!

I was all doing my morning routine at the gym this morning when the builder of the house I staged came in to workout too.  We started talking about real estate (since that's the #1 thing on my mind lately) and he told me that the house sold!  At approximately $110/sq ft!  And when there are a plethora of homes for sale for $70/sq ft in our market, that says a lot for staging (and I admit that the quality of the house was great too).  I'm so excited!  The APSD national average for days on market is 21.  This one sold in a week!

Here's a recap.

Guys, if you are selling, make sure your house is staged by a professional!  If you don't have the budget for a stager, email me and we can work something out where I tell you what to do.  And if you want to be trained to be a stager, email me too and I can hook you up!  kellinielson @ yahoo.com (no spaces)


  1. That's amazing!! There have been 2 houses for sale in my 'hood for like ever. I saw pics online and I can see why :) The staging looks awesome in your pics!!

  2. Kelli you are amazing and so talented

  3. congratulations! what an awesome feeling, the house is gorgeous thanks to you! hopefully the buyers can make it just as beautiful

  4. Congratulations! I love the chairs!

  5. yay!! so happy for you!i know that you are so proud, i would be!


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