Friday, March 2, 2012

Staged Master Bedroom

I got the best news yesterday!  Well, maybe not the best of all bests, but the builder texted me to tell me I did a great job and the house looks awesome!  I was a little worried about what he would think.  

So, to commemorate this special event, today I'm going to show you the master bedroom.



during -- I went to RC Willey to pick up this bedroom set specifically for this room and they were out of queens.  I was bummed.  Luckily the sales guy told me that a full is only 6 inches smaller so I bought it and brought my U-haul on over to the back so the guys could load it in for me.  Then I had one heck of a time figuring out the mattress situation.  I borrowed a full blow up from a friend.  That didn't work out so I bought a blow up and that didn't work out either.  This is how it looked with the second blow up mattress -- all tiny and wussy. 

after -- In the end I decided to bring in a queen frame, box springs, and a real mattress.  I'm so glad I did, even though it was a lot more work.  It looks so much better.  

If you look at the black and white chair above, you will see that there is a gift on it.  Here is a picture of the gift.  The card says "Happy Anniversary."  Remember the theme from the kitchen (posted two days ago)?  Well, I brought it into the bedroom too.

Here's one of my favorite touches -- the picture on the nightstand.  

One of my super cool friends took this for their engagement pictures.  When I thought of how I would stage this house I immediately thought of her and this picture.  I'm staging it for either a young couple with kids at a babysitter's or an empty-nester couple, right?  Well, this picture could be either of those.  It could be an old picture or it could be a recent picture.  Who knows?  Well, I do and so do you now but you know what I mean.

So again... before


  1. Sweet and simple! I can't wait to hear about future staging projects!

  2. Great job. I do love the idea behind the frame picture.

  3. luv it! i agree with the real mattress, you can tell the difference. i absolutely adore that picture. what did you end up doing in the dining room?

  4. I like the photo. :) Good job on the bedroom, it's beautiful!


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