Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Staged Kitchen/Dining

When you think of home staging do you think of strategically placed candles that make the room smell like muffins or cookies baking?  Well don't.  Wipe your mind clean of that.  It's so 1990.  Or Clueless.  Lots of stagers still do it, but it is really very cliche and buyers see into it.  Instead, I was taught to use people's emotions to make them remember a house (and thereby, sell it).  So with this house I told a story.

First I went around the neighborhood and talked to people to find out who lives in the area.  I found that there were a lot of retired empty-nesters and about the same amount of young families.  Pretty diverse.  I decided to stage as though either the kids were at a babysitter's or there were no kids in the house and it was the couple's anniversary.  The kitchen and dining area was where the story really began.


After (bad lighting, I know)

spaghetti dinner scene

"Spaghetti for Two."

The note on this bottle says, "Happy anniversary!  Here's to 50 more."

Here's the dining set.  I think this is the only part that the builder and I don't agree on.  When he saw it he told me that he thinks the set looks cheap and that it looks too small for the area.  I agree with neither of those things.  First of all, the table/chairs/bench set is a $700 set.  I realize that there are more expensive sets, but there are also sets that cost way less.  And it's not really about how much it cost but how cheap it looks, and I don't think it looks cheap.  But that's totally my opinion and he is entitled to his.  

Also, I think the size is perfect for the space.  It is a full sized table that is designed to seat 5-6.  I should probably bring in a rug and it will make the space look smaller but I didn't have one when I was staging it.  

What do you think?  Who do you agree with about the table or do you have a completely different opinion?


  1. I don't think the space could handle a larger table without feeling dwarfed. Isn't it better for a potential buyer to think "Hmm. Small table.", than "Oh, small room"?

    I do agree that a rug would make it feel more complete, but sometimes you just have to work with what you've got!

  2. I think a larger table would certainly not be very fitting but the rug would totally make it very much so complete.. Lovely space.. I agree with Kelli above, I'd rather a small table than a small room :)))

  3. I am in the middle of the two of you on this one. I don't think the space could handle a bigger table (i.e. longer or really wider) but maybe something that looks more substantial. Does that make any sense at all? I was just thinking something with thicker legs, etc. could squash both the builders' concerns.
    Love the spaghetti for 2!

  4. I like that larger table because it shows the potential of seating. AND, it doesn't contain wasted space.

    The staging is brilliant. Love it!

  5. i agree with kelli - i think any bigger and it would absolutely overwhelm the room. luv ur idea of the rug, i think it would just add a little something. what about a small buffet. it might help the builder see that you don't just want a table to overtake a room. because when we were searching for our house, i always thought "will my furniture fit?" and if its a ginormous table and no room for a hutch or buffet, which almost ALL people have esp. if you are marketing to empty nesters, they won't see past the fact that it's not their furniture. they'll only see that just a table fits there. IMHO

  6. oh after the rug and another peice and he still doesn't agree maybe change out the two head chairs for some bulkier uphosltered ones?

  7. I think the table looks nice. I agree that a rug would complete the setting, but there is clearly room to walk around the table. I love the idea of staging the occasion, I have not done that but will now! ;D This is just lovely.

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  9. I disagree with the builder. A. it doesn't look cheap. With a background (whole family actually) in real estate this is the kind of dining set that speaks to family gatherings. I like your idea of telling a story and I think this room hit the mark. B. because the set is medium in size you are showing the potential buyer that a larger set or smaller set could work (i.e. furniture they already own).

    1. Thanks! Hopefully he was just nervous because when he saw it things weren't all put together yet. You think like I do!

  10. I agree with what you have done in terms of size dining table set. In the builder's eyes he probably sees it as floating without a rug to ground it so it might seem lost.


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