Monday, February 6, 2012

Copycat Monday: Sunburst Mirror

Hi!  Did everyone have a great weekend?  Watch the Superbowl?  I totally did (if the halftime show with Madonna counts).  I ate way too much food, which seems to be a common occurrence.  But I got to play games with friends and we had a great time.

Just so we're clear, I'm not being paid (unfortunately) by anyone to write the nice things I'm going to write... but I'm definitely open to a sponsorship from one of the places and if I ever get one, I'll be totally brand loyal and write only things about that place.  That said... Lowe's VS The Home Depot.

I love Lowe's.  They used to have the cheapest spray paint and were only one mile from where I lived so I went there all the time.  Their customer service is great (at least an my stores).  I bought a palm sander last summer and a few months ago the metal grip that grips the sand paper loosened on one end so it wasn't sanding well.  I just took it back and asked if they could do anything last month, well after their 90 day return policy.  It took a few days of working with the "higher ups" but they were able to exchange it for me and now I have a sander that works!

The Home Depot is great too.  Everyone is always so nice!  We now live closer to one than to Lowe's so I often go there.  We were there Saturday and found some metallic spray paint on clearance for $1.33.  I bought 4 cans (and one bronze at normal price).

This is what I did with the bronze.

I found this sunburst mirror tutorial at A Mother and Daughter made out of dowel rods, 7" wood plaque, wooden nickles, 1" round craft mirrors, a candle mirror and glue.  Their tutorial is great, so go there if you decide to do this.  I used wooden skewers instead of dowel rods and a plate frame (I bought a bunch at a garage sale last summer) instead of the 7" wood plaque.

I have pinned so many projects that will keep me busy copying other people for years to come.  I kid you not.  If you want to follow me on Pinterest, click on that button over there to the right.


  1. I usually prefer Lowe's but Home Depot is the closest to our house so we end up there most often.
    Love the mirror!

  2. Great project! That mirror looks so mid-'60s.

    Be sure to stop in for my 25% off Hope of Spring sale on all my homemade soaps, going on this week only.

  3. I try my derndest to stay away from both of those stores...ha! The mirror looks fabulous! The plate frame really makes it look like a real mirror...

  4. Great job Kelli! I like the use of the plate frame! Thanks for the feature! ~ Barbara


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