Thursday, February 2, 2012

To Be Auctioned

I am having major problems with Chrome today so I'm doing this in Internet Explorer and things just aren't working out as I'd like.  Grr.  I guess it's time to restart the computer.  Another thing I'm having major problems with is my spare time.  All I want to do is look for houses, which is so much fun but less effective than oh, say, cleaning.  I can't help it though so I guess I'll just face it and post some of my findings here for you to see too.

Okay, these are all "notice of default" houses that I found online on the Idaho Statesman's website.  Did you know that there is a section of your newspaper (most major newspapers) that shows when an auction will be held for the homes in default?  It also shows the addresss, how much is owed, and which bank is suing (or whatever the bank does).  It's pretty great BUT if you buy a home at auction, you have to have the cash up front so you either have to have the cash yourself or borrow in advance (and you can't do that with a conventional mortgage).

Tom and I have decided that we'd like to invest in a wholesale deal, but one that we would live in (I've said this before).  That means that it has to at least (very least) have a 3 car garage and 2500 square feet (although 3500 is more ideal).

This one is my fave.  The front is nice, but the back kills me.  I love it!  And it is on a golf course.
7037 N Spurwing Way, Meridian, ID 83646
7037 N Spurwing Way, Meridian, ID 83646

The price on this one is so low that even though it's in a neighborhood full of spec homes and foreclosures, I'd totally consider it.  I like how it looks and apparently it needs some TLC, which is a bonus.  :)
2667 W Ladle Rapids St, Meridian, ID 83646

This one is in a neighborhood where some clients of mine bought last summer.  This house is similar but the price is $200k less. 
764 E Cloverhill Ct, Eagle, ID 83616

I would love to show you the insides of these houses but I can't be bothered with my computer today.  Next time though.  Next time.


  1. Ok I'll be looking for that "next time" once the computer situation is under control, Miss Kelli :)

    Thanks again for EVERYTHING- you are a nice blog buddy fer sure!

    Smiles from my Dashboard,
    Suzanne in NW Illinois (WhyCuzICan!)

  2. They look awesome from the outside! You are so smart, we will be clueless when it's time to buy a house!

  3. every one of these is breathtaking!!!!!!!

  4. These are beautiful! I hope we will be able to follow your progress very closely...looking so forward to seeing the inside.


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