Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guest Post: WhyCuzICan

I'm excited to have one of my good blogging friends guest post today.  Suzanne from WhyCuzICan is not only one of the nicest people I know, she's also very talented.  Take a look at some of her things.  

You won't want to miss her tutorial on image transferring from paper to fabric using Citra Solv (she'll talk about it a little, but seriously, it's super cool and kind of prefaces her post today).
And here she is:

OK, first off, if you wanted to do a place mat just like this one you see here, you will need to use Citra Solv to make the place setting fabric you see here using these graphics (offered for free at Graphics Fairy -- I maintain a page listing all the images I use on my blog on this page for direct links).

Click Here for my newest tutorial on how to do a Citra Solv transfer to fabric (less wordy than the original and better photos).

How To Make This PlaceMat
I used:

~(2) pieces of 14" x 18" of white muslin 100% fabric (you can vary the size to suit your need. This was just a simple size for ME to work with).
~(1) piece of scrap quilt batting (low loft) slightly larger
~Sewing machine (but I suppose you could hand sew this too-it's up to you)
~Images of your choice copied on a laser jet printer or photo copied (think Staples, local library, whoever has a good' ol' photo copier. Ink Jet prints will NOT work)
~Citra Solv. (My newest Tutorial on to transfer images using Citra Solv, see above link or my sidebar of all of my tuts available)

Step One:
~Cut your two piece of fabric, to the desired size, and your quilt batting slightly larger (for trimming ease)

Step Two:
~With rights sides together, put the backing fabric, the focal fabric (such as your newly made Citra Solv designed piece- or just regular print fabric, it's up to you)
and place on top of quilt batting (yes, this will be three layers- one batting, and two fabric)
~Pin securely around three sizes-leaving one short side open for turning inside out (So, sew two long sides and one short side) sorry, took photo before all of my pins were in place. Use as many pins as you feel you need)

Step Three:
~Sew around three sides that are pinned. I use 1/4" seam (I'm a quilter, it's the only seam I "seem" to know!)

Step 4:
~When you have sewn all three pinned sides, trim up the piece (I use my trusty rottery cutter and mat- again, I'm a quilter- old habits, but scissors work too)

Step 5:
~Turn your piece right side out so it looks like a place mat, but with one unfinished end.

On the unfinished, carefully tuck each side (and batting) to appear to be a finished edge, and pin securely.

Step 6:
Now you just sew that end shut (1/4" seam), and while I'm at it, since I don't want the end to look all strange with a straight stitched when the other sides don't have that, I go ahead and sew 1/4" seam around the entire top area, so it makes a kind of decorative boarder :-)

(Of course you can just hand stitch the end closed too, without making an inner "boarder". I like to, but it's just how I roll).

Now go forth and make some pretty new place mats for your table, and if you wanna, teach your kid how to set the table properly.

GIVEAWAY TIME! To celebrate my first ever Guest Post, I am giving away the single sample place mat shown here in this tut, and one fabric business card holder/mini wallet and matching fabric checkbook holder.

There are THREE ways to get a free entry into the drawing: Leave each comment for each entry on my blog at WhyCuzIcan.

1) Become a Follower of WhyCuzIcan.  Leave a comment letting me know on my blog at WhyCuzIcan

2) Become a Follower of The Turquoise Piano.  Leave a comment letting me know on my blog at WhyCuzIcan

3) Leave a separate comment telling me where you live (just state and country is fine) I love knowing where folks are located :)

Remember, each entry must have a separate comment so it might be assigned a number for the drawing.  And remember to comment on my blog at WhyCuzICan

The Giveaway will end on 2/7/12 at Noon here in Illinois.... (Oh, it just happens to be my birthday on the 7th too). I will announce the winner the evening of 2/7/12, here on this post

Make sure your settings are not set to NO-REPLY. I have to have an email address for you if you are the winner, so I can contact you for shipping information.

If the original winner can not be contacted or does not reply within 7 days, I will choose another winner as a back up.

Smiles to all,

(Kelli again)  Thanks Suz!  I love that the place mat is a reminder of the correct way to set a table.  Such a great help for those of us teaching children how to do it (or learning ourselves).  Remember to check out her detailed tutorial on how to do the graphic transfer.  Head on over to WhyCuzICan and leave her some love (and enter her awesome giveaway)!


  1. Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to Guest Post for you, Kelli :)

    Big Smiles,
    Suzanne at WhyCuzICan

  2. A super guest post - really lovely piece of transfer/sewing work.
    Thought I'd say hi !
    Jennie from Manchester, England. xx

  3. Stunning placemat, love this particular transfer and as for that wallet, i can already see it in my very large handbag, lol. i already follow both these blogs so thanks for the chance to win. And since you and my youngest son share a birthday i am really holdin thumbs that i will be lucky enough to win.
    smiles across the miles from South Africa

  4. Suzanne,
    I loved seeing the photos of your sewing your placemat. I hope I win one!


  5. Im a new follower.



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