Monday, February 27, 2012

Staged Living Room

Haha.  Do you guys remember Golden Girls?  Remember how Sophia used to start her stories with, "picture it..?"  Yes?  Well, yesterday I gave a talk in church in front of the entire congregation and I started a story with, "picture it, August, 1995.  I was fifteen years old."  Ha!  So cool.  I really think Estelle Getty would be proud. ;)

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time.  I got to stage a new-build house so I spent the first two days shopping for it and the last three setting it all up.  I even rented a U-haul and everything.  Tom was out of town so it was basically me and Morgan moving everything.  I'm so tired... and buff.

This was my first time staging for a builder and I learned a lot.  First of all, I went to look at the house by myself to get ideas.  Next time I will have the builders meet me there so I can get an idea of what they are looking for.  That will prevent numerous trips, I think.  Also, I won't give a quote until after I have seen and planned out the house.  And I will rent furniture from a store that will deliver.  That will save me a lot of time and energy moving things and setting them up by myself.

living room before

in progress -- the builder wanted a couch instead of all four chairs (and I totally agree).  


I got this cool platter at Ross so Realtors could leave their cards in a specific place.

fireplace in process --  instead of the mirror, the builder wanted people to be able to see the t.v. hookups on that wall.


 What do you think?  Do you like it or is there something that needs to be moved?  I like it but am so close to it that I think it's all perfect so I could use a fresh set of eyes.  

I'll show the rest of the house throughout the week.  If you want to buy it, let me know. ;)

And, I entered this turkey into a "cutest kids" contest.  The one with the most "likes" on FB wins a photography session with Dana Peterson Photography (local Boise).  I'd sure appreciate if you "liked" Morgan's photo at here.  And be sure to like Dana Peterson Photography too.  Thanks!


  1. Hmm, I actually liked the four chairs, but then I would have done a round coffee table to mimic the round mirror above the fireplace. However, since he had you switch to a couch I like what you did to work with it. Very pretty room!

  2. I really like the 4 chairs but I can see why the builder would prefer the couch. Most people just think "couch" when it comes to a living room. I really like the change from the mirror on the mantle. Can't wait to see more of the house.

  3. i do like it all, i would see if i could find a small thin table for right beside the couch on the side by the door. i just like something to put all my stuff on so i can get in the door, shut it and lock it and all.

  4. Where did you get the chairs? I have one in brown with lime flowers, but I like the ones you picked out?

    1. Danielle, I got them at Fred Meyer, actually! Love that place! But I got them a few years ago so they don't sell that specific look anymore. They do have some great ones though.

  5. A round or oval coffee table, perhaps to offset the lines of the fireplace and to tie-in with the circular mirror. The rug could be lighter but maybe it is not so dark - pictures taken at night so it appears dark. I did actually prefer the 4 chairs then the rug would fit in better. I am impressed you got it all done with little help. Exciting, though. Hope it is not to late to vote on fb.


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