Thursday, May 2, 2013

As Seen on the Tee Vee

Photo: Wish me luck!

I just saw the KSL interview that I did yesterday.  Nailed it!

No, for real.  It could have gone a lot worse.  But at the end he asked me what I have coming in the future and I pretty much committed to do a fitness show in the fall.  So, uh, I guess I'm going to be standing in a teeny tiny bikini in front of lots of people being judged by my body.  There's not a problem with that, is there?  Totally in my comfort zone.

Who wants to do one with me?

Really.  You can do one in your own state.  It doesn't have to be in Utah.

Let's just be each other's support.


Oh, and PS, my name is Kelli Rich.  My email is kellinielson.  Apparently that is confusing and people think my name is Kelli Nielson.  Which it was.  Before I was married.  And I can't be bothered changing email addresses.


  1. you look GREAT!! And I think if anyone can do a fitness show it is you!! Go get em girlie!!

  2. Great job, girl! You did great nd more importantly, you looked gorg!

  3. Awesome! Wow, a fitness show! Real dedication! Love your blog!

  4. You did awesome! You didn't look nervous at all. Great job!


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