Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Post That Was Ready Monday But Posted Wednesday

You know when you go to Costco for some samples and end up with a Blendtec blender?  That was my weekend.

Plus I went to an introduction Cross Fit class at my gym.  I was expecting an hour of a killer workout.  Instead I got a class on the Paleo diet and how to do a proper Cross Fit squat.

Let's talk about this.  The Paleo diet, as explained by this guy, is mostly lean meat and veggies, light on the fruit.  They don't eat dairy, grains, or legumes... "because legumes have to be boiled and if something has to be boiled to be digested it can't be good for your body."  There was also a comparison to boiling a shoe and eating it.  I don't really see the similarity but this guy did.

Anyway, that whole thing sort of ruined the actual exercise part for me.  Well, the 5 minutes of actual exercise.  But guess what, I am completely sore today.  So I guess I would try a whole class.

But I am not eating Paleo!

Aaannnnndddd, I was going to give a bonus workout plan for week 13 but I can't log onto my account.  So let's talk bras.

My girls are, as some would say, normally kind of small.  When I'm not pregnant or nursing I wear a 34 B.  Before kids I was open to the idea of an augmentation.

Not now.

Having had big girls, I hate them on me.  I feel like they just make me look fat.  Maybe that's partly because when I have them is when I AM heavier.

I worked at an athletic shoe store when I was in college and sometimes men would come in to purchase sports bras for their ladies.  This was pre babies for me so I had always been small.  They would ask if we sold bras.  I would say yes and show them the one bra that we sold.  They would ask if it was supportive and I would say yes because it worked for me.

Now I know that bra was like wearing a tight t-shirt.

No bueno!  Sorry to the ladies whose men bought them from me!

When I got pregnant with Sophie they grew like crazy.  I may have complained to Tom about how much harder it was to workout with them.  And being the smart guy that he is, he remembered and bought me what the sales lady said was the best sports bra for my birthday.

The Moving Comfort Juno

It really is amazing.  It holds the girls still!  

However, I am not going to recommend this bra to my small chested friends.  

Why?  Because if it has never really hurt to run small distances without a bra, you probably don't need this kind of control so save the $55 and just buy a nice [name brand] bra from Ross. 

It is super cute though, so if looks are what you are after and the money isn't an issue, go for it!

Well there ya go.  


  1. Personally, I think the name Paleo just scares people off. And it does sound so restrictive. But if Paleo people would just explain that dropping all grains from your diet would make you feel better, it would probably help a lot.

  2. Well, you covered (no pun intended) quite a few topics there...and I loved them all! I don't need that sports fact, I probably don't even need a bra, except for the padding--that kind of necessary!


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