Friday, May 17, 2013

National $5 Off of The Color Run

Yesterday I was cleaning our house and I came across something that told me Tom is cheating.

Remember how we tried eating solely vegan for a month and decided to make it a general lifestyle with meat a couple of times a month?  Well, let me tell you that this was Tom's idea.  I was thinking of having meat like once or twice a week and he was the one to suggest it be per month, not week.

Then I saw room service receipts from his business trip last week.  On that list (and these were the only things on it), rack of lamb, crab cakes, and hamburger.

Well duh!  He doesn't need to eat meat more than a couple of times a month!  He's already doing it while he's away!

So I called him and told him I knew of his cheating ways.

And for the record, I don't really care if he eats meat or if we eat it more than a couple of times a month.  I eat eggs almost every day though.  I'm not vegan.  I'm not vegetarian, but I try to eat mostly like that.

Onto a great thing for all of you (who have The Color Run in your states/cities).  I just got a $5 off code for all The Color Runs in the US.  So now you can all get $5 off!

Just go to and put in this code:


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