Monday, December 26, 2011

Dollhouse Plans

Okay, is anyone else sad when the day after Christmas comes?  It seems like I always am a little bummed that the hype and day are over.  But guess what!  Tom gave me two saws!  Best.  Husband.  Ever.  I got a Dremel and a Jig.  I'm really not even sure how they work but I can't wait to learn.  

Morgan and I get to stay at my parents' house for the week while Tom goes back home to work so I've talked them into helping me build the "bones" of a dollhouse for Morgan (to house the billion princess Barbies she got).  

I absolutely love the Colonial look and I think it would be a simple shape to make (definitely more simple than Victorian, which I also love).
Pinned Image

An interior layout idea.
Pinned Image
source unknown

Here's a cool idea to make lighting.  I want chandeliers and stuff so I'm not sure I'll do this, but maybe.
Pinned Image

I really like how Crafty Cousins decorated this house.  Everything is homemade and it's totally inspiring.  
Pinned Image

Have any of you ever built a dollhouse?  How hard could it be, right?  However, any tips are welcome.

Aaaannnnddddd, come back at 8:00pm EST because my Anthropologie lampshade knock-offs are being featured at Knock Off Decor.  I'm new to the site but already love it -- you know I love a good knock-off and you can find tons there.

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