Friday, December 30, 2011

Online STAGE!

Last June I attended an Association of Property Scene Design event in Denver called STAGE.  It was basically the catalyst to everything I'm doing now (home staging, my blog, lots of DIY stuff, etc.).  I went on to become a certified home stager and home staging trainer.  Seriously.  LOVE it!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that if you are interested, Karen (the APSD founder) is going to do an online STAGE event on Jan 10, 12, 17 and 19 from 6pm-8pm MST.  This is awesome because you will learn the same things I did and you don't have to pay airfare or for an expensive downtown Denver hotel.

The following is an email I got from Karen allowing me to invite people to sign up.  If you decide you want to do it, let me know!  I'm going to be doing it again online and I'd love to chat.

Well, here it is, the long promised, much anticipated announcement of the first  Home Staging, Design and Real Estate training of 2012... Karen Schaefer's APSD Online Home 'STAGE!' 

Karen Schaefer's Online Home 'STAGE' training will be unlike any event you have ever attended before!
Imagine 4 days of Home Staging, Design, Business Strategies, Marketing Concepts, Income Mindset Shifts...and that just gets us started!  Here is what you will experience during the Online STAGE event...

1.     Karen's famous "Unless there is blood don't knock" technique on training your family to give you the time to work to achieve GREAT results ,
2.    2012 Step by Step Home Staging Blueprint for Guaranteed Success
3.    3 secrets to getting yourself out to at least 10,000 clients 
4.    19  amazing marketing strategies for your Home Staging Business
5.    APSD Certification Program; "Vacant and Distressed Property Stager; SPECIAL BONUS: every single attendee will receive their Certified APSD "Vacant and Distressed Property Stager!"  


As you can imagine, this is just a part of what you will experience at the Online Home 'STAGE...' training. There is still more to come...experts weigh in, live Q and A after each session, and a few  other amazing surprises!!! 

This training is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars to your home staging business, but right now, you can REGISTER for a very special price!!! 

Talk to you at Online! REGISTER NOW

Karen Schaefer
Founder and Creative Director; APSD The Association of Property Scene Designers
The World Leader in Home Staging Training and Certification

PPS-  YES! You can send this notice to all your friends, family and associates and get them to join you but get yourself registered first because our lines will be full!

PPPS- The event will be held on Jan, 10, 12, 17 and 19 from 6pm-8pm MST.  All calls will be recorded and you can even email in your questions, before, during or after each call so you won't miss one single minute!!!

PPPS- Still hesitant?  How about if I GUARANTEE the Quality of the training?  When you join us on the first night, and don't think by the end of the call you have already gotten your money's worth, just let my staff know why, they will cheerfully refund your money and remove you from the rest of the training.  What have you got to lose!  REGISTER NOW

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