Friday, March 9, 2012

Satin Tulle Skirt

Way back in 2010, before I really thought about crafting more than once a month, I decided to knock-off a skirt I saw at Baby Gap for my daughter.  Of course, since I wasn't doing a craft/DIY blog, I did not take pictures of the process but I'm going to be linking this skirt up at Crafty Cousins' first linky party on Saturday.  

Basically I just sewed layers of gathered tulle onto a satin piece of fabric that I used for the skirt.  I didn't even use a pattern so I can't send you somewhere.  Sorry.

When we were in Utah for the 2010 (I know, forever ago) holidays we had my cousin take our pictures. The temperature was 20 degrees and Morgan didn't smile once and he still did such a great job. Hire him everyone in Utah!  We love ours!


  1. What a darling skirt and the pics are fab!!!

  2. I love it! So so adorable! Thanks a bunch for linking up. :)


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