Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who Doesn't Want a Castle?

You know you want one.  A castle, that is.  And guess what... one is for sale!

No, no.  Don't think you need to go to Europe and worry about a thousand years of upgrades and a lot of zeros.  This one is for sale just outside of Boise.  I mean, we could be neighbors.  And I could visit you in your castle.

Besides the pleasure of my company, you would get a whopping 5.5 acres and 4600 square feet.  For only $350,000.  Now that's a deal!

Boise Castle Boise Castle   Bank Owned   2050 Meridian Rd

If you'd like to see more on this stamped concrete interior-d, medieval (who knew how to spell that word?!) styled house-slash-reception center, visit my good friends at Zillow.  And let me know if you want to make an offer!  There has to be a way to make it look so NOT castle-ish.  


  1. Ha ha. That castle has always cracked me up :)
    You should buy it!!

  2. lol. I'll have to show this to my husband. He's always wanted to build a castle on our hilltop. :-)

  3. That is a killer price by California standards. Here you can get a condo. LOL However, if I were going to buy a castle, I might just prefer England. Boise seems a little, um, odd.

  4. Ummm, doesn't everyone want a castle...in Boise? What were they thinking?!

  5. Wow--I wonder what the story is behind the person who built that!

  6. Um, it being a castle would be the main selling point for my husband. Even in Boise.

  7. There must be a sad, sad story here. So many empty homes in America, so many lost dreams. Losing your castle must be really hard!! Boise does seem an odd location for a castle, just my 2 cents.


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