Thursday, March 21, 2013

House Update and Mesothelioma

House update!  (see original here)

We were supposed to find out if we got the house last Monday at 5pm but then the people who are under contract decided to put more earnest money down to have until Friday.  Come on people!  If you can't get financing you probably shouldn't get financing.  Cut your losses so I can start putting my ideas into action!  Anyway, we should really find out Friday or Saturday.  My fingers are crossed.  But I am sorry if the other people lose lots of earnest money.  So either way, I'm okay.

Today I have someone guesting.  She is an advocate for fitness while fighting cancer.  She started her journey when her grandmother was diagnosed with liver cancer.  Check out Melanie Bowen's contributions to the mesothelioma blog here.

Physical Fitness And The Fight Against Cancer

A cancer diagnosis would turn anyone’s life upside down. Living with cancer is physically and mentally draining. Even the most common cancer treatments will weaken your body and leave you feeling hopeless. However, living with cancer is not as hopeless as it seems. There is always a chance to overcome cancer and restore your body. Every patient must do all they can to fight back, and physical fitness is one of the greatest and easiest ways to increase your chance of recovery.

The Mental Benefits Of Physical Fitness

One way that physical fitness can improve your chance of recovery is through your mood. It is proven that physical exercise can enhance mood by increasing the flow of certain chemicals that are naturally produced in your body. For instance, people who do not exercise may experience an endorphin deficiency, which occurs because an inactive body tightens over time. Endorphins are sometimes called natural painkillers; they help your body to feel healthy and powerful. Physical activity also promotes serotonin production. Serotonin is responsible for a positive mood, which can actually strengthen the immune system.

Improving T Cell Production

The effectiveness of mood on cancer recovery may be up for debate, but a positive attitude helps you to maintain a healthy exercise routine and a healthy outlook on life. The physical benefits of an exercise routine have a major impact on the recovery process. For instance, exercise helps to produce T-cells, which are required to fend of infections and diseases. They help to strengthen the immune system and destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy can weaken these cells and leave you vulnerable to other life threatening illnesses. Therefore, exercising is a necessary component to maintaining a healthy, stronger immune system.

Preventing And Fighting Cancer With Physical Fitness

Fitness helps to prevent the development of cancer among people at risk. The risk of developing breast, colon, and lung cancer are all reduced by routine physical activity. Fitness can also help reduce the side effects of treatment for many cancers, such as mesothelioma. In the past, doctors would recommend that cancer patients relax and rest. However, modern studies show that resting is not the way to beat cancer. Even after chemotherapy, exercise is the best possible thing for your body throughout the recovery process. Strengthening the immune system must be your top priority.

Dealing with cancer is very serious. Physical fitness provides the mental and physical benefits responsible for battling such a condition. Persistence is everything. Talk to your doctor about the best treatments options for you.

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