Friday, March 1, 2013

If You Run...

"If you run, you're a runner..." but you're not a distance runner until you've pooped in the bushes.

Okay, I added that last part.  For those of you who are going to be getting into running, it's really not true.  Or is it?...

Today is March!  Woohoo!  My heart just got a little bit lighter.  This Saturday is supposed to be 51 degrees, a temperature that I haven't seen since November 28th -- which is way too stinkin' long.  

I'm. Going. Running!  

So I thought it would be a great time to talk a little bit about how to start.  These are my personal ideas and I'm not a professional.  I have, however, been running for 15 years, finished 2 marathons,  an Ironman 70.3, and a whole bunch of other races.  

I even have the toenails to prove it.  (Instagram @theturquoisepiano for more cool stuff like this)

And this was after the doctor filed them down... with a mini electric sander (seriously, it was like he was going to DIY a dresser to something amazing).  Awesome, huh?!  Thanks to Groupon I just got them lasered.  

So, first thing on my list of advice:  Sign up for a race!  It can be a 5k or a marathon.  I don't care.  I'd probably start closer to the 5k range though.  

2.  Get yourself some good shoes.  And I mean go to a running store and have them help you.  You don't have to buy the shoes you like there.  You can go home and order them online for a cheaper price.  I get mine from Kelly's Running Warehouse on clearance.  I love the Asics 2100 series but find what is right for you.

3.  If you are just starting to run, start slowly and have a plan.  Don't think you're gonna run 10 miles the first day.  That's just a great way to get hurt and not be able to run again.  Here are a couple of plans that I pinned (you can follow me too): herehere, and I've heard a lot of good things about the Couch to 5k plan.

4.  Get a running partner.  Nothing motivates like a support group.

5.  Try running with music.  When I run alone I take my tunes and they help me keep a pace.  If I run with someone, I don't like to listen to music because I'd rather talk.  My best running friend likes to listen to music in one ear and talk.  Figure out what you like.

6.  If you're going for a long run, take some toilet paper (but don't put it in your sports bra -- it gets sweaty). You never know when that might come in handy (like if you trip and scrape your knee... or whatever -- see opening line).

7.  Dress according to the weather.  It's the worst to be too cold or too hot.

8.  Drink lots of water.  You might even want to take a water bottle if carrying it doesn't bother you.  My uncle used to go on long runs and have his wife meet him at his half way point and give him water, then give him water every mile until he got home.  I don't think that would work for us, but you could try that if you have a very kind spouse. 

9.  Eat healthy food.  If you haven't eaten enough you will have zero energy.  And that makes for a bad run. 

10.  Don't worry about being slow!  The more you do it, the more you will improve!

Now go out and get your run on, get some nice runner feet, and poop in the bushes!  Is there anything better?  And I'm not sayin' that it's happened to me.  But I know a person...

If you live in Utah there is a 5k and 1/2 marathon at Thanksgiving Point in April.  I'm planning on doing the 1/2.  Do it with me!


  1. Thank you for the tips! I want to become a runner and a goal of mine is running a half marathon some day. Starting is the hardest part but its so cold right now and it gets dark so early! I know... Lame excuses! I'm starting tomorrow morning!!!! I'm also going to find a running partner... It will help keep me accountable. I found you through skinnymegs blog by the way!! Have a good day!
    Kristen @

  2. Lol! See? We're totally alike...not the liking running part, but the part about thinking poop stories are hilarious!

  3. During my 1/2 marathon training I once pooped in a cemetery...truth

  4. My toenails are terrible! I've seen the groupon for laser treatments but I'm a little skeptical... are the treatments working for you?


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