Wednesday, March 6, 2013

White Cabinets?

Would you paint wood kitchen cabinets white?  Hell-o YES!  There seems to be a little following of "never paint cabinets."   I'm more of a change-to-what-you-want-in-the-least-expensive-way-possible kind of person.
benjamin moore kitchen idea
Source: Benjamin Moore
Before -- Source: Faded Plains
After -- Source: Faded Plains
The kitchen cabinets in this house that we're trying to buy (more on that later) are an ornate wood that is kind of orange-brown.  I'm not a fan of the color.  I would rather have a white kitchen.  My husband is worried about painting the cabinets if we get it.  He talked to some self-proclaimed guru at work who said to never paint them, just replace them.  My thoughts on that:  um, $200 or $30,000.  No brainer.  I'll even hire a professional so that they are painted correctly (although I am confident that I could DIY it).  I guess the hubs doesn't have that much faith in my DIY ability.  It kinda hurts.  He won't know that by reading this blog.  He doesn't read it.  Neither does my mom, by the way.  But I digress.

Back to the house.  We first found it a few weeks ago and thought we should check it out.  We didn't and it went under contract to some other buyer.  Tom was a little bummed.  And come to find out, it is just down the street from my cousin.  I sent him (cousin) the link to the house and said that it wasn't available anymore.  Then he wrote back and said he just saw a new sign in the yard so he got the number for me.  I called and apparently the current buyer couldn't get enough financing for it so it looked like it was going to fall through.  The Realtor gave me the key code and we went to see it.  It needs work, but nothing that isn't possible.  Someone smoked in it so it will all be painted and the carpet cleaned or replaced.  The fact that it needs to be painted is perfect because I would only buy it if I could paint it.  Hello brown.

I don't like brown inside houses.  I would paint all of the trim, wainscoting, and plantation shutters white and the rest of the walls either barely not white to the cream side or gray side.  

Anyway, we made them an offer and they accepted it verbally -- but the current buyers hadn't backed out.  The Realtor told me he thought they would back out to get their earnest money back.  They ended up not doing that so now we have 2 weeks to wait and see if buyers numero uno are going to get it or if we are.  

That's where we're at.  It would be really nice to put some roots down for our kids.  I'm not gonna lie.


  1. Waiting...isn't that so hard to do! Looks like a great place, but I sure do like your idea of all the white, instead of the darker colors.

  2. This could be exciting! And, regarding cabinets...I LOVE white, but I would never do it myself. I think you said it right when you said you would hire someone to do it. My friend refinished hers, and it was a HUGE job.

  3. I think painting the cabinets is something I would totally do! It is budget sufficient and turns a room completely around:) Maybe show the hubs some of the pics you showed us and how good it could turn out and maybe he might change his mind:) Fingers are crossed for the new home, it looks nice:)

  4. I love white cabinets in the kitchen. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we need all the light we can during the year. Paint them! Keeping my fingers crossed about the home you want!

  5. I LOVE white cabinets. My husband shares the same thoughts as yours though.

    Soooo next week while he takes the kids camping for spring break, someone is having a kitchen painting party!;-)

  6. The house looks nice! Im sure the painting will make it beautiful and um, yes to the white cabinets! Good luck!!

  7. Surprise!!! Your mom is reading it and when I don't make time to read it, Dad reads it to me. You are an fun and interesting writer and I think you are AWESOME at whatever you do. I love you very much. I look at my grown up kids and at how great they are and I can't believe that I am your mom. I have been especially blessed. My 'little' kids are turning out to be pretty great too. I have been where you are, doing the best I can teaching my kids but with Heavenly Father's help you all survived and turned out OK and your kids will too.
    By the way, I like white cabinets too. It's clean and bright and you can decorate with any color you choose. Besides, you're the one who's around the white cabinets all day, you should choose what you like. If we like something we want to take better care of it and make it look nice and keep it clean, otherwise, we don't take care of things. Enough said from me. Love you.


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