Thursday, August 4, 2011

College Bound

High school graduation 2011 was months ago and I have been racking my brain to find something meaningful to give to my little friend, who happened to be the only senior to send us an announcement.

A few days ago she asked if I knew where she could find a small shelf to go next to her bed in her new dorm and I introduced her to Deseret Industries. We found this nightstand with a shelf big enough to hold her textbooks and other college student stuff. I decided this would be my gift to her so I sanded, added another coat of paint, new hardware, and glazed in the crevices. I think it will serve it's purpose rather well.

Before:After:Cost: $12 total
nightstand - $5
paint - $4 (man I need to find cheaper paint)
hardware - $3
place to put Homer, Plato, Webster, the thesaurus, Stalin, and... Twilight - PRICELESS!

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