Friday, August 26, 2011

Move, Moving, Moved!

The big move is finally over!  I cannot believe how much stuff we have... even after having a garage sale.  Ridiculous.  I remember moving around in college and I could seriously fit everything I had in my car and move it out of the house in two loads.

We scheduled our movers to come at 10am on Tuesday morning and Tom confirmed the day before.  They were set to go.  So, 10am came and went.  Finally it was 11:30 and we couldn't get a hold of the movers so we started to panic.  I mean, we HAD to be moved out that day.  So Tom called a bunch of other moving companies and found one that could do it but they cost a lot more.  Since we had no choice, we hired them.  They brought their two moving trucks and four men by around 1:30 and started hauling our things out of the house.  Seven hours and $1,300 later they were done.  

I had to snap a picture of the piano being lifted into the truck.  Those guys make it look light (but really it is super heavy).  

Our old house was almost 3,700 sq ft and it was all very open.  Of course there were some things I would change, but I loved it (and I cried a lot on moving day).  The new house is about 3,000 sq ft and 600 of that is in the theater room (yes, it was designed by a man!).  So guess what.  The theater room is the theater room, craft room, small sitting room, and play room.   Six hundred square feet!  I had apartments that size for four people!

This is our old kitchen.  I will miss that fridge.
And our new kitchen.  Yes, that's a plant in the sink.

Our old living room.
Our new living room.  I'll be honest.  I think I like the new one better.  It has a more natural layout.  The old one took me forever to figure out how to place the furniture.  

I am so excited to decorate!  I'll be featuring each room when it is done and I have tons of projects piling up that I haven't been able to work on.  Can't.  Wait.


  1. Congrats on getting your things moved, Kelli :D

    Hope you didn't pay any money upfront to the company who was originally supposed to move you :( What jerks for not even calling!!

    Smiles from me, a Follower for a while now,
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois

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