Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Picture Board Tutorial

Quick news:  I'VE BEEN FEATURED for my mom's basement makeover over at the Sizzle Into Summer Party at DIY by Desing (starting at 8pm EST this evening).  Thanks Judy!
I really don't know what to call this but it's a board with pictures hanging in my bedroom.  It's really a super simple way to make your 4 8x10's not look so wussy on your massive wall.

You will need 1 particle board, 4 8x10 picture frames, paint, 2 little metal things to hang art, hammer and nails.

What I did:
1. Ran on over to Lowe's and bought some particle board for $9.
2. Had the fabulous man in charge of the giant saw (still at Lowe's) cut the particle board 2 ft x 5 ft (I kept the extra pieces for a future project).  They will cut it for free!
3. Painted the particle board white.
4. Marked where each picture would go.  What I mean is, mark where you will hammer the nail in the board to hang the pictures.  It's a little hard getting them even if you're eyeballing it, which I was.  I suggest measuring once you know where the nail will need to go in the first one.
5. Flip the board over and hammer in the little metal things that allow pictures to hang.  I did two -- one on each top corner.
6. Flip it back over and hammer in the 4 nails.
7. Hang the particle board.
8. Hang the pictures.

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  1. That is the best way to display smaller pictures, in groups and this frame makes it even better!

    Love the color too...

    Just a little reminder that the linky for Wednesday's Bunny Hop is up and running on Tuesday night.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Bunny Jean's Decor and More! (my Main blog)

  2. Very clever and ties all the pictures together

  3. Very cute display-- family can never be "too close" :)

    Visiting from Bunny Jean's Bunny Hop Linky Party today,
    Smiles, Suzanne in IL

  4. that looks great!! photos make a space look so personal!!


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