Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Manifesto

I saw the coolest manifesto on Apartment Therapy yesterday.  It was a post from Creating Clever and I'm ripping it off with my own twist.

I did it all in Microsoft Works (because my laptop was too cheap for Word) and it took 10 minutes.  My kind of project!  It's a 9x17 so I couldn't print it at my house (lack of the right sized paper).  I saved it onto a thumb drive and while I was out shopping I stopped by Fed Ex Office (the old Kinko's) and printed it on card stock for 45 cents.

If you do this, the possibilities are endless.  You could decoupage it to plywood, canvas, foam board, or frame it.  You could make it look worn or leave it crisp.  I actually just taped mine to some leftover foam board from the dollar store and glued string on the back to hang it.

Isn't it cool?  Especially for 45 cents!!!

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  1. Ummm..yeah. I love it! That is the coolest, coolio idea in da world!

  2. Love it! - I'm Aileen from Creating Clever and I'm collecting the one's people have made to use in a gallery to show all the different ways people have approached it. Would love to add yours. Thanks for ripping it off - you did good!

  3. So cute! Saw you at too much time on my hands! Have a great Saturday! :)

  4. Love this. I need to make one :)
    Thanks for sharing on Fresh Fridays!

  5. Thank you for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

  6. I love your project! I love that it's dated, save for prosperity. :)
    I'm such a sap! Thank you for linking up and linking back to ccc


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