Monday, January 2, 2012

Become an Affiliate and Make $$$ Blogging

First of all, Happy New Year!  We celebrated at 7pm by watching Sydney, Australia ring in the new year on Youtube.  They have an amazing fireworks show!  Then Tom and I did our budget and made goals for the year.  Party animals.  I know.

Remember how I want to be a deca-millionaire?  If not, see the 2nd #2 on this post.
Anyway, how can I make that happen?  I don't want to put all that pressure on Tom since he is our main source of income.  So I made some monetary goals for the new year.  A couple of them are to go hard with home staging and make money blogging.

Here's the problem with going hard with home staging.  I DO NOT like selling myself.  I don't want people to feel uncomfortable around me because I mentioned "selling" them something.  I've had plenty of acquaintances try to sell me things (like MLM's) and I'm not a big fan, mostly because when I say I'm not interested, they're not interested in me anymore.  You know?  (There have been some friends who have stayed friends after trying, and that is okay).  So, the solution to this problem is that I need to find a non shareholder "partner" (ie commission based salesperson) to sell it.

The second: Make Money Blogging!  Much easier, right?  It just generally doesn't make the same amount of money.  When I started blogging I had no idea people made money blogging.  Then I started doing projects and putting them on my family blog.  I still didn't know.  I think I found out about the same time I started this blog (last July).  Making money blogging is definitely not the reason I started this blog.  I would do it for free forever.  But if I can make money too, awesome!  It would be great to pay for my projects with money the blog makes.

If you notice the How To Make Hair Bows banner to the right... that's my business.  I made it (with a friend).  I hired someone to do the website.  I made the tutorial videos.  I made the video on the site (not because I like the video but because sites with videos get more hits).  I even made up the background music on the video and played it on my piano, recorded it, and put it on the video.  I've made a little money with it.  Not enough to feed a small country or anything (okay, not really enough to feed a starving child), but some!

So what's the point of this novel-sized post about money?  I want affiliates to put the How To Make Hair Bows banner ad on their blog.  I want to start with about 10 bloggers who are willing to get paid per sale.  I'm going to see how that works first before I pay a monthly fee.  It's a gamble.  The bloggers might make a lot more by being affiliates than by collecting the monthly fee, but maybe not.  Currently I believe the amount an affiliate gets paid per sale is $10.  The product costs only $27, so that's quite a large percentage.

Obviously I want blogs that are crafty and where a bow banner would fit in nicely.  If that's your blog and you'd like to do this beta test, please email me at kellinielson @ (no spaces).  Even if you're not sure that your blog fits but you'd like to try, let me know.  It's worth a shot!

Lets make money this year!!!


  1. I would love to put it on my blog! Let me know what you think.

  2. I'll do it if mine is appropriate! :)

  3. Hi Kelli, I just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring Your Turquoise Piano on Sew-Crafty Tuesday Tomorrow... Be sure to stop in.. And bring lots of links as there will be a $100.00 gift Certificate to JoTotes each link counts as an Entry... Happy New Year!!!…4-and-giveaway/


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