Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our House

You know how we're supposed to be staging the house we're living in?  The owner is losing the house and we made a deal to stage and live for lower rent.  It was a good deal for us because we had just sold our house and didn't have a place to live.  Well, this all happened about 5 months ago.  I was expecting the house to be listed right when we moved in but it never was... until now.  

I'll be honest.  For the owner, I hope that it sells.  For me, I hope that it doesn't.  Sorry.  Selfish.  But moving stinks!!!  And I've started to get to know people in this neighborhood.  They're pretty great.

Anyway, since we may not be here long (but I hope we are), here's a tour of this house we've been living in.  Many of you have seen these pictures, but some of you are pretty new (welcome!!!).  

the house

living room

dining room


front porch (with fall decor)

Morgan's room (not like this anymore -- update next week)

guest room

craft nook

reading nook
guest bathroom

Those are the only rooms I've featured and taken pictures of so that ends the tour.  Have a great weekend!  Muahhh!


  1. I'm so sorry you have to move soon! But, now, you'll be able to instill your wonderful style in your own home hopefully without fear of putting too much money into someone else's pockets! You've done a lovely redo on it just with paint and accessories though...xo

  2. With that gorgeous staging, you probably will be moving! What are your plans if it sells?

  3. Love the way you have staged the rooms, but so sorry you are dealing with a move. Hopefully, it will be to somewhere you love!

  4. Lovely! They all look like House Beautiful!

  5. You did a great job, Kelli!

    Maybe you wanna buy it?! Any possibility or desire?

    You can TELL you are a professional Home Stager. Great for your resume too :)

    Suzanne in NW IL


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