Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey Girl. Wine Cork Art

Submitted by @ginnymartyn

I've been in love with wine cork art for a while now.  I have wanted to do something.  Anything.  But the problem (not necessarily a "problem") is that I don't drink wine (or any other source of alcohol or beverage that uses corks) so I haven't been collecting corks for any sort of art project.  I knew I needed to find a solution.  And I did.

Last Friday we went out with some friends to a nice restaurant in downtown Boise.  I knew over all we would spend a good amount of money on dinner so I had no problem asking if they could keep the wine corks that weekend and give them to me.  Well, when I asked, the waiter said that the owner was collecting them for some sort of project and literally had thousands.  I told him I only needed about a hundred so he worked some magic and brought me a bag full of them.

When I saw this wine cork ampersand at Living Savvy I knew I had to do it.  It is such a great piece for staging!

Living Savvy

Well, here's where I am on mine.  I ran out of corks.  So remember that 100-ish corks actually doesn't go a long way.  When you do this, ask for at least 200.  Now I have to go find another source of corks to finish my ampersand.  I guess another nice dinner is in store.


  1. I've started collecting wine corks on the side so I can eventually do some wine cork art. Um, I think I have 13. I've got a long way to go and a lot of wine to drink!!

  2. I'm not sure how fun it is or if the corks are the same as the ones you are using but I bought a whole bag of wine corks at a local party outlet store. I bought them years ago to cork wine bottles that didn't come w/ corks...turns out I either drank the whole bottle or I didn't drink as much as I thought I did b/c I had a bunch left over. I don't remember them being expensive at all.

  3. I do drink a lot of wine ( probably shouldn't admit that ) I have been saving my corks for projects like this too. Recently I made a wine cork "G" ( my last name ) But I didn't use them one end, I used the horizontally, I wanted the graphics on the corks to show. It doesn't take nearly as many then . You can see that post at , if you are interested. As you have almost completed this project, if you have a local Olive garden , you should ask them , I have a friend that did and she got a garbage bag full of corks ! Good luck :)

  4. Well, you're definitely more than halfway there. :-) Cute project. The Olive Garden tip sounds like a real possibility!

  5. It is looking great! Thanks for the feature! Did I say it too only 100? I really should count those things out! HA! Good luck finishing it! I LOVE IT!

  6. Cute idea! Do you have a winery near you that does tastings. We drink wine ourselves but when I need extra I just go the the winery and they have TONS of them and are more than willing to give them to you. In fact many of them have them bagged ready to go.

  7. I love that!! So going to do it, maybe with our initials!


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