Monday, January 16, 2012

New Bed, New House?

Thank you all for your opinions and suggestions on painting Morgan's crib/toddler bedroom set.  I was swayed either way with each comment.  But... I have decided to leave it black and just switch out her bed and dresser.  Basically get rid of that set (put in storage for future baby that I hope comes soon).  The reason is because I'm not sure how much longer Morgan will be in her current bed.  

meet Morgan

This bed (headboard) is on my must-do list for 2012 so I was thinking I'll do it right after I finish the dining table that I'm working on.  
 Want this!  A2D tutorial on how.

I could make it a full size and the toddler mattress would fit (her current bed is a 3-in-1 that turns into a full).

Anyway, to totally change the subject, I'm not in the market to buy a house.  Well... I wasn't.  Then I saw this baby on an acre for a killer price.  Like seriously, totally amazing price (short sale).

The same price as this house...

...and this house (both fine houses, but NOT the same caliber as amazing price house).
image 0

So lets take a look inside, shall we?

the foyer
4595 W Saddle Ridge

4595 W Saddle Ridge

4595 W Saddle Ridge

kitchen again
4595 W Saddle Ridge

4595 W Saddle Ridge

4595 W Saddle Ridge

4595 W Saddle Ridge

master bath
4595 W Saddle Ridge

back yard
4595 W Saddle Ridge

Oh amazing price house... the things I would do to you.  I would paint every room and add more chandeliers.  It would be so much fun!!!  Please let me buy you.


  1. Oh my Morgan is one gorgeous little girl! You are gonna need to keep those boys away one day :) Loooooove that house, amazing I would die!

  2. Morgan is adorable! Careful Kelli, you go to sleep one night, and they are off to kindergarten, then you go to sleep again they are graduating middle school, go to sleep one more time they are 18 and engaged. Trust me, I know from experience...cuz it was just, like 3 days ago MY kid was Morgan's age.


    Smiles (and yes, you should buy ALL of those houses- just win the lottery)
    Suzanne in NW Illinois

  3. That is a beautiful house! I also think not painting the crib is the best decision since you are trying for another baby and your little angel is going to grow out of it sooner than you would like. Now you can come up with something fabulous to put together just for her!

  4. Holy Cowzers! That house is AMAZING {but not nearly so as your sweet girl!!!!}...but WAY to big for this Cleaner-hater... But I guess that one would require some professional help...

    I just realized we both have Morgans! I have two, though... well, 3 if you count my FIL... It was my FIL's mother's maiden name and it's so used by girls these days I get odd looks when I introduce my son! Ha!

  5. The house is beautiful! Your daughter is one of the most beautiful little girls ever! Good luck with house buying.


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