Monday, January 23, 2012

Business Stuff

Hi guys!  Can I just tell you how glad I am that the weekend is over?  Why?  Because for me, what was supposed to be a weekend with the family turned into a weekend of me and Morgan alone by ourselves.  Tom was unexpectedly asked to accompany his boss on a weekend business trip to Canada -- like, I found out Friday night and he left Saturday morning.  I would normally have no problem with this last minute trip but I had a makeup appointment at Macy's Saturday (I'd had it for a month with a guy who was flying in from New York for it) and Tom was supposed to watch Morgan and I was supposed to get my makeup done and walk around the mall by myself.  Instead, I imposed on my friend who I'm sure had plenty of Saturday things to do and I went to the appointment and home after (with a short stop at Jo Ann's in which I did not purchase anything but I did feel overly made up with my smokey eyes -- I'm sure it was intimidating for the other shoppers).  Plus, we lost Morgan's binky Saturday so she went a whole night without it.  It wasn't too bad so I decided that we are done with it for good.  I'm writing this on Sunday night and I'm practically banging my head against the wall.  I can do this though.  And that was my weekend (along with a LOT of empty calories).

I am excited to show you some stuff that I have been working on.  This first one is the business card that I made as quickly as I could (while figuring out the program) so I could give it to a Realtor that works out at the same time as I do.  He is a broker and has about 30 successful agents so this could be big for me.  Anyway, the white card is the one I made myself. 

I had my brother-in-law make some legit cards for me though.  He's a designer so he knows what he's doing. Click on it and it will take you to the other thing I've been working on... my website.  Let me know what you think.  Oh, you don't think that giant picture with the ocean in the background is great for home staging in IDAHO?  Well, maybe Oregon just shouldn't be there.  Then that picture would work out perfectly because Idaho would have the ocean (at least the Boise area).


Okay, so really, what are you opinions on the website?  I want it to be fabulous so if you think I should change something, let me know!

Love your guts!

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